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Hello Beautiful,

My name is Maribel and I am an aesthetic nurse injector in Fort Worth, Texas; home to the most beautiful women on Earth. The DFW metroplex has become the hub of all things beauty and I am fortunate to call this alluring city my home.


I am blessed to be a mama, a wife and a nurse and love meeting new people. Being a nurse lets me do what I love to do the most, which is providing excellent care and personal attention to my sweet patients and their families. I started my love for all things beauty when my mother would take me with her to get facials or do our mani-pedis. She would always tell me “we don’t do this to impress anyone, we do this as a way to take time to care for ourselves to help us feel beautiful and when you feel beautiful you act it”. Well now it’s time I advocate for all women and men to take time for themselves because feeling beautiful helps us feel empowered and more confident. We all tend to walk a little taller when we feel beautiful on the outside which is a reflection of who we really are on the inside.  Taking care of ourselves helps us be the best version of us in all we do.


I have extensive hands-on training doing various procedures that further enhance your natural beauty. These procedures are minimally invasive and non-altering which means you will leave looking your very best with little-to-no downtime.  I have trained with the best master injectors and have partnered up with makers of internationally renowned beauty products and a respected physician with expansive knowledge in the aesthetics world. I am a strong believer that we never stop learning which is why I continue to learn and train on all new things constantly coming out and evolving in the beauty industry.

I have a strong work ethic and let me reassure you, I do not practice anything I would not do to myself. My philosophy has always been based on honesty, integrity, and to treat everyone as if they are my loved ones; something I have never deviated from and have brought over to my company.  Honesty and integrity are the pillars my business was created upon with my love for the industry being the icing on the cake.


When you join me and allow me to hear what you want and envision when it comes to your health and beauty needs, you will be helping me to help you feel even more beautiful or handsome than your already are. I will prioritize you and develop a care plan that is tailored just for you.  I believe in quality, not quantity, and therefore will give each of my patients the utmost attention and concierge service they deserve; simply because I know you deserve nothing less.  Who doesn’t like being pampered?

My services don’t stop with your skin, your skin is just the beginning. Long lasting beauty and knowledge takes time and I want to not only provide you the tailored services and skin care that will leave you with beautiful results, but also earn your trust and educate you on how you can continue to care for your skin long after you walk out of my office. This custom plan of care is what sets me apart from others because I believe that is what builds long lasting and trusting relationships; a goal of mine with all my patients. You become my priority the moment you make your appointment.

There are numerous beautiful and talented injectors in the DFW area and I ask you to allow me to earn your business and trust. My job is to make you feel extremely important and beautiful because, guess what? You are!!

I look forward to our paths crossing soon! In the meantime, don’t forget to take time for yourself and see all the beauty that surrounds us each and every day; starting with that beauty resonating on the inside of each of you. 


With Love,




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